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escort castelvetrano escort forum roma

Airfield to Capodichino with A-20s; 486th and 488BS(M 340BG(M from Pompeii to Gaudo Airfield with B-25s. POA - pacific ocean area (20AF HQ 499th and 500BGs (Very Heavy) arrive at Isley Field, Saipan Island from the US; and the 3(Photo)RS(VH 11(Photo)G (Mapping arrives on Saipan Island from the US with F-13s (the squadron will fly. Mission 477: 5 of 5 B-17s drop leaflets in France during the night. MTO - tactical operations (12AF In Italy, medium bombers, hampered by weather, attack Portoferraio, bridges near Orvieto and Ficulle, tracks at Piombino, viaduct at Poggibonsi and bridges at Certaldo and Signa; fighterbombers hit Fondi, rail lines NE of Rome, Littoria. In New Guinea, A-20s, B-25s and fighter-bombers blast villages, coastal bridges and roads, vehicles, the airstrip at Boram and other targets throughout the Wewak-Hansa Bay region; HQ 3BG(L) moves from Nadzab to Hollandia; 66th Troop Carrier Squadron, 433TCG, based. Flying Officer Wanklyn Flower was able to claim a probable, he reported: I picked out a CR 42 flying in left hand turn ahead. ETO - european theater OF operations (8AF Two major missions are flown against Berlin and strategic targets in N and C Germany; 3 bombers and 10 fighters are lost: Mission 583: 426 B-17s are dispatched but encounter very. Swpa - feaf theater OF operations (5AF13AF B-24s, fighting bad weather, bomb the airfield at Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island, Philippine Islands.

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  • Slovo parmazán pochádza zo slova parmigiano, o je prídavné meno ku slovu Parma, mestu, odkia syr pochádza.
  • For the 151 o Gruppo this was the first long range escort mission since arriving in Libya and they received the order to move at 11:00 and at 12:10 they took off from Amseat A3 to arrive.
  • The formation took off.00 and when over Tobruk waited without avail for some minutes for the escort fighters, then directed toward the target flying deep inside the desert to avoid interception.

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In Italy, B-25s hit troop concentrations in the British Eighth Army battle area in the vicinity of Rimini; B-25s pound rail bridges in the W Po Valley, while fighter-bombers operating in the Po Valley attack rails, roads, rolling stock, road. B-24s again haul fuel to China, 15 landing at Kunming, 3 at Liuchow, and 1at Yungning and the 10AF flies 220 other transport sorties to various CBI terminals. MTO - tactical operations (12AF In Italy, medium bombers attack railroad bridges N and S of Orvieto, at Arezzo, at Grosseto and N and S of Incisa in Valdarno; A-20s hit a dump at Valmontone; P-40s, P-47s and A-36s hit shipping. And P-40's hit communications at Frosinone, Palestrina, and Carsoli, where a traffic block is created; A-36's and P-40's fly nearly 200 sorties in support of the US Fifth Army ground forces as the 36th Infantry Division begins an assault. Mission 424: In both morning and afternoon missions, 216 of 391 B-17s and 294 of 312 B-24s hit 35 V-weapon sites in the Pas de Calais area; 1 B-24 is lost, 1 B-24 damaged beyond repair and. I followed it all the way in a steep turn and dive giving a lot of short bursts and saw it crash. Seven more P-40s were credited to Sergente Armando Angelini (73a Squadriglia Tenente Giuseppe Oblach, Annoni, Tenente Enrico Moretto (96a Squadriglia Sergente Bruno Biagini (96a Squadriglia) and Sergente Maggiore Giuseppe Zardini (96a Squadriglia) (two).